SarahRice Scott : Things that Float

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floating in air SRS

planes float in the air, right?
holga, no flash. i played with the highlights and color a tad with iphoto.
note: i was disappointed not to get a window seat on any of the 4 flights of our recent trip, so i politely asked the person in the window seat if i could snap a quick photo.


Sara Webster : Things that Float

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canon g10
macro setting
ambient light
set up: white cup, green tea bag, hammered spoon, white textured placemat underneath

Shot just a smidge above the cup on a mini tripod. Started without the spoon and realized the shot needed some contrast. Added in the spoon, and time elapsing helped water color. Sharpened in photoshop and tried the shadow/highlight filter which lightened up the tea to a nice yummy caramel color. Now looking at it, would be nice to have a highlight on the teabag for separation, looking flat. next time, on it.

Holly Dwan : Things that Float

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Amy Jones : Things that Float

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i hate to be cliche but this zinnia lived for 2 months after i cut it from our front beds and i figured this would be a proper burial. there’s no shortage of empty jack daniels bottles at our house! other shots here.

top camera- d40 w/ macro filter
bottom camera- voigtlander brillant (extra dim viewfinder on that one!)

no retouching but would love for someone to tell me what to do about that hot spot?

Jessica Lieb : Loved Ones

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Joe giving Jude a ride during Jude’s first trip to the beach.
Sony Cybershot
Slightly adjusted the levels.

Joshua Craig : Things that Float

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Camera:  Canon 40D
Lens:  EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 100mm

Drops of olive oil floating on water inside of a black crock pot..

Canon 420ex left and rear at 1/16 power.  Canon 580ex II camera right at 1/8 power.

Blacks tweaked just a bit in Adobe Camera Raw.

Joshua R. Craig

Kiona Wilson : Loved Ones

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Raven rock