Amy Jones : Things that Float


i hate to be cliche but this zinnia lived for 2 months after i cut it from our front beds and i figured this would be a proper burial. there’s no shortage of empty jack daniels bottles at our house! other shots here.

top camera- d40 w/ macro filter
bottom camera- voigtlander brillant (extra dim viewfinder on that one!)

no retouching but would love for someone to tell me what to do about that hot spot?


~ by theassignment on October 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Amy Jones : Things that Float”

  1. so no one knows how to get rid of that massive hot spot? cuz cloning & color replacing didn’t work.

  2. What no Jameson bottles around? Tsk tsk tsk… As far as the highlight goes, only thing I could think of would have been to underexpose the shot enough to get some detail in the neck of the bottle and then bring up the rest a bit in photoshop. If it’s completely blown out (ie all white) then there is really no data for any of the filters/tools to pull back out.

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