Geoff Wood : Pet Peeves


Over the shoulder opinions. Ah..isn’t it grand.


~ by theassignment on August 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Geoff Wood : Pet Peeves”

  1. Gosh everything about this is hilarious.

  2. well, if it were handsome boys leaning all over, i might not mind so much. I MEAN, YEAH TOTALLY ANNOYING. BLERG!

  3. nice haircut!

  4. um, one: I HEAR YA!
    two: awesome awesome shot!
    i love the blue tones and sort of sterile atmosphere. of course this could also be a banana republic ad with that smoldering expression you got going on there.

  5. I had a boss once who did something similar to this. Didn’t offer opinions, but stopped, watched and asked me if I was “making any headway” all the while chewing on a long piece of Scotch tape.

    Really nice shot. I love the retro feel you have going on.

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