Bliss Alexander-Smith : Pet Peeves


since i had no success in taking a picture of someone chewing loudly… i had to go with this one.
and i hope this doesn’t circle back around to these people, but i was hanging out with some friends i play volleyball with this past weekend and while we had so much fun and i really like them all, it wasn’t our usual outing. nor my usual pictures. And this, this i don’t understand. why, when the camera is pointed at someone would the sooner stick their tongue out and towards the person next to them, than smile? as if to say, “i’m about to lick my neighbor here” ew. gross. but it’s such a popular drunk girl thing to do. especially with other girl friends as face book has taught me. i don’t know the guy in this picture, he came with a friend, but he’s showing off a tattoo. and i’m not sure here if my friend lexi is disapproving of it or actually doing the forbidden pose. i’d like to think she was disapproving, but i can’t be sure.


~ by theassignment on August 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Bliss Alexander-Smith : Pet Peeves”

  1. this is perfect.
    and what is rostetter’s story? ha.

  2. This photo is great. I love the look on the guy’s face, all of their faces actually..

    You should’ve left off the description and had a contest to see who could guess what the pet peeve was. I’m sure that would have made for some interesting comments.

  3. ha! you’re right, i should have. i could probably find a few more myself i here…

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