Josh Steadman : In Yo Face

I present 2 different crops of the same photo. Which is better?
Or maybe there’s a different crop entirely that’s best. Photos were taken with a 50mm f/1.8, ISO 100, at 1/1250s. Curves adjustment in PS, then a high-pass on a dup of the layer, xfer hard light, 80% opacity. Then a really feathered mask on his body, inverted and with a levels adjustment to focus the eye on just him. The high-pass technique is courtesy Christopher Wilson, although it looks like I should’ve only done it on the main subject, cause it screwed up the buildings. Maybe because there was such a contrast already btwn them and the sky.




~ by theassignment on July 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Josh Steadman : In Yo Face”

  1. I am definitely in love with the second crop. There is so much character in the old man’s face.

  2. I wonder what stories this guy can tell?

    I go back and forth on the cropping. On one hand I think the first one tells a great story. especially with all those satellite dishes.

    On the other, you can really see the depth in his eyes. Like maybe he’s thinking, ‘why is this bearded american taking my picture why I’m trying to find the can?’ or something to that effect.

    I really like the color. and the high pass is always a great treatment on the ol guys.

  3. i love this. the focus is just right. the bright white of his shirt is just right. his underbite is just right. love it.

  4. I too go back and forth on the cropping. I think I am leaning toward the first one. It just says ‘weathered’ and it makes me think he has been walking for a while. I just want to drink whiskey with him.

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