Ben Smith : Underwater


I took with a Sony A200, 50mm lens, aperture f2.8, natural light.

I set a green glass about 1/2 full of water on a table near a window.  I placed a CD-RW upside down behind the glass closer to the window.  Shot through the glass down towards the CD.  Hence the shiny blue-ness and the reflection of the outside trees, sky, and garden “underwater”.  I didn’t make any alterations to it.


~ by theassignment on June 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ben Smith : Underwater”

  1. absolutely beautiful colors. well done.

  2. There’s some great depth here. I’m drawn into that background, if feel like i want to go exploring in there.

    I agree with Bliss on the colors, too.

  3. yes, yes. this is beautiful. i want to go to there.

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