Josh Steadman : Photog’s choice


I tackled layer blending, which I don’t use a ton. Fun, sort of. The bars on the left are the color palette. Lots of level adjustments, and lots of f-ing with blend modes. And a top layer of texture, even!


~ by theassignment on June 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Josh Steadman : Photog’s choice”

  1. very cool, mr. steadman. always setting the bar at a good height.

    Question: how did you come up with the color palette? Did you shoot the texture yourself?

    Lots to look at here. Thanks for the color palette. it helps me see how you brought things together.

    • The color palette were just colors I liked from the original shots that I sampled, then used curves to punch those colors up. And when blending took out too much of the colors, I tried to dial them back in. The black was from the rider’s nail polish. The brown was the sand. The purple came from the harness. And yes, shot all the elements myself. The texture is a shot of the sand filling the corral all of the horses did their jumps in. There are 4 separate stills there.

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