Josh Steadman : Dress Code


ISO 1600

My father-in-law is a retired Air Force EOD Senior Master Sergeant. So now he has no dress code, and he likes hawaiian shirts. He still keeps some old bomb casings around his home office as book ends. He has some great stories, mostly about blowing up stuff.


~ by theassignment on June 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Josh Steadman : Dress Code”

  1. What’s that rough thing on the left? =) Just curious. Haha

  2. i like this a lot. i like the contrast of the uniform and aloha shirt. i like the depth of the field. although i feel like the warhead thingy is competing with the old photo a bit for the focal point.

  3. yes, great hard/soft focusing. i especially like the the progression of severity of the whole thing. Bomb. Solider. Hawaii. Quilt.

  4. as always, great shot. your a good storyteller as well. The hawaiian shirt contrast with the military imagery is great. i think though, since we are suppose to be handing out critics every once in a while, i’d like to see less of the bomb. it must be in frame!! but maybe i want my eye to go old picture to bomb to father-in-law.

    either way, A++

  5. spell check! ‘critique’

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