Seth Hall : Dress Code


“Shoes Required”

I took my Bostonian wingtips to Sykes Shoe Service in Greensboro to get them shined and resouled.  They went in a bit weathered but came out shining bright. Before picking them up, I snapped this photo. After picking them up, I had a new pair of shoes.

iPhone 3G camera
Camerabag app w/ 1974 filter


~ by theassignment on May 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “Seth Hall : Dress Code”

  1. i love how much is going on in this picture. we’ve 3 different types of signage. the old school paint on the window, the suction cup open sign, and in case you missed that, the neon open sign, which looks to be a little burnt out. AND THEN, there’s the reflection of the parking lot AND a teeny bit of interior. you can easily get a scene of the environment by all these components. well done seth.

  2. I think you absolutely chose the perfect filter for this photo.

  3. There’s all kinds of stuff to look at here. fore-front – the sign. but then there’s this whole other world back there. I sort of get a sense of the environment which is tricky. cause i’m thinking i’m in the 50’s but nope…there’s a futurist car sitting over there in the parking lot.

    critic: i want to see your shoes! maybe even the guy that shined them up real nice. I think that’s the hidden story.

    nice work!

  4. spell check! ‘critique’

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