Amy Jones : Dress Code


cute old dudes at the farmers’ market.

shot TTV with the nikon d40/kit lens through the kodak duaflex II… cropped and compiled polyptych in photoshop… seemed appropriate to move color balance a little green.

more on flickr.


~ by theassignment on May 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Amy Jones : Dress Code”

  1. I like this alot! I like the old guy dress code. Wear whatever the heck you want.

    I also totally dig that the images are nice soft around the edges also like most of the old dudes at the farmer’s market..

  2. really fun amy! i like the splashes of red in them too, especially the 3 with the strong foreground images. it’s funny the contrast of the strawberries vs. the picture of strawberries on the right.

  3. I love photography in multiples. it’s a great way to really show off where you were and what you are trying to say. I gives me a real sense of who these guys are. wahoo!

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