Charles Harris : Your Community


I’ve lived in an artificial community the past 2 weeks. One made of stunning beauty and/or posh surroundings. Here’s one, but not both. You decide which.

Canon DsIII
85mm @ 1.2


~ by theassignment on May 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Charles Harris : Your Community”

  1. well…shoot! this is an easy one! pure unadulterated beauty! I mean just stunning! Man, you were lucky to be hanging with this handsome devil for a couple of days.

    and get that man a cappuccino! and some crumpets!

    exclamation mark • exclamation mark

  2. I’ve seen that Frenchman around town.

  3. why isn’t that pinkie out geoff? you ruined it.
    other than that (slide glance at geoff) this is a terrific shot. lovely colors and selective focusing.

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