Bliss Alexander Smith : Your Community


cool pix s52
shooting mode
white balance: incandescent

Still had to subtract some green in photoshop.
This shot nearly didn’t make the cute because I don’t like that the foreground is not completely sharp. I think the ridge of the bowl is in focus. You know, the darkest part. The part you barely see. But Sarah Rice convinced me it was the superior to my other option:

This was taken at an art exchange put together by Eileen Rosenfielder. This photo has three of my six new pieces; the resin piece is by Lisa Wood (pictured), the baby booties (and no, i’m not) were made by Julie Leacock, and the ceramic bowl by Bonnie Overton (pictured).
A great way to get new work, stay creative, and hang out.


~ by theassignment on May 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bliss Alexander Smith : Your Community”

  1. I really love this picture. I agree with Sarah Rice! Love the colors, love your blurry reflections.

  2. thanks andrea!

  3. I love this “reflection” on community. Nice job!

  4. nice composition. it’s like a still life but wait! there’s community in the mirror!

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