Geoff Wood : Your Community


This is a shot that I took at the Roman Candle/the Deep Vibration show. I went back and forth on which image to use. I realized that I mostly stood there, along with the rest of the audience, in awe of the guitar work and energy by The Deep Vibration.  And thus chosing the crowd image to represent my community. You can see some of the other shots at

5D / 50mm 1.2

iso 1250 – 1/30sec

Color retouch in photoshop.


~ by theassignment on May 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Geoff Wood : Your Community”

  1. nice choice. i really like this – the exposure, the framing. it feels very nostalgic. but that woman on the right is totally judging the dancing couple.

  2. i agree. i think she thinks she has better moves than that.

    this is so cool! it feels very vintage 50’s with the lighting and the way they are dancing…

  3. yes, i love the streams of colored light and the shadows growing on the floor. very nice.

  4. A group of hearts and minds collectively focused on enjoying the a moment. That is definitely community.

    On another note, my thrifty fifty is a little jealous of the f/1.2.

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