Josh Steadman : Your Community

This is a still taken from some timelapse photography I shot at Raleigh Charter High School recently. It’s part of footage I’m gathering for a documentary about one of their community outreach programs called SOOTS (Sustaining Roots Music). Every student at the school has to participate in these programs, and SOOTS is one of the most popular; pretty much the top pick. If you’re a part of SOOTS, you organize fundraisers (like this event, a bake sale), call up potential sponsors and the media, and pretty much work all year towards the annual Blues Benefit Concert. The musicians who play during the concert are generally in their 70s and 80s, and are unable to tour due to declining health. They get a really good gig fee, and a huge dinner that day for themselves and their families.

I didn’t have access to a great video camera that day, so I took a handicam for video, and also put the Nikon in various positions around the sale and took lots of TL.

lens: 24mm
ap: f/5.6
ISO 400
shutter: 4/1000


~ by theassignment on May 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Josh Steadman : Your Community”

  1. Sweet pic Josh. I am interested in hearing more about the TL with the Handy Cam. Sounds like a cool project.

  2. this a great image, josh. it really captures thc community that is happening in front of you. cool doc style and a great story to go with it!

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