Amy Jones : Your Community

snuck into my boss’s office & took this with ernie. ernie is my iphone. we’re big on community.


~ by theassignment on May 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Amy Jones : Your Community”

  1. I really like the light in this picture…it feels like sunrise.

  2. Yes!!!

  3. What time of day was this taken? I agree with Andrea nice light. You need to tell your boss that he needs to clean his windows. i think i see some smudges.

    If you take away the cars, this could be one of those ‘old western’ hollywood sets. well..the cars and the parking garages in the background.

  4. Mmmm.. The Times.. Great place to hang out with friends. They make a mean pork nacho..

    And I’m thinking those aren’t smudges. I think Amy has captured some “apparitions”. Some “smugdy” “apparitions”.

  5. i’m pretty sure those smudges are from me banging my head on his window during a meeting.

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