Paige Puckett : Your Community


This captures my constant struggle to find real community, my fears of plastic love, and the vortex that is motherhood.

Cannon Power Shot
Adjusted the color balance, contrast and exposure in photoshop.


~ by theassignment on May 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “Paige Puckett : Your Community”

  1. Your community looks a lot like my community :-). I love the colors in this!

  2. everyone in your community is smiling. how lucky are you?

  3. i like the saturation! and the blown out background. and the diversity.

  4. this is funny, because I had a scene like this at my house and thought it too would make a good community shot.

  5. that frog is up to no good.

  6. Great idea!!! I love this. It reminds me of E.T. I like everything about it Paige. and yes…the frog is up to no good, good call Rice.

  7. Thanks guys! I’ll have a talk with the frog.

  8. agree, they are all up to something, brainwashing you with those big black eyes. excellent concept.

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