Paige Puckett : Orange!


Canon Power Shot SD750
This a flower from a Tangerine Crossvine.


~ by theassignment on May 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Paige Puckett : Orange!”

  1. i am impressed every time someone finds a new way to capture a flower- i never would have guessed it with this one!

  2. Oh I really like this. It kinda reminds me of those surgical scopes that film the inside of your knee, spine etc. Very nice.

  3. beautiful. if I hadn’t read the caption, I would have never known what it was….actually, I still don’t, but I find that very intriguing. draws me in. I could probably stare at this for hours…but I have to work now. I’ll stare later. very nice!

  4. beautiful shot. very invasive. that sounds negative, but it’s not. : )

  5. I’ve looked at this shot several times and i’m still like, “this is a flower?” You got me, great abstract and explosion of orange.

  6. Nice work; it looks like the flower is lit up from the inside. Very strange and beautiful.

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