Christin Stevens : Orange!


Shot with a Canon Rebel – 18-55m. Afternoon light coming through the door way.

The temperature was increase roughly 32%.


~ by theassignment on May 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Christin Stevens : Orange!”

  1. Perfect!!! Nice shot Christin.

  2. oh my gosh! love it!

    that is such a cooooool picture!

  3. awesome! love the depth of field and the natural lighting! i may want to borrow those sun glasses one day. along with the snake ring. but matt has that.

  4. Orange must be an easy assignment when you have three redheads in the house… 🙂

    nice shot Christin

  5. yes, ditto on the great lighting. and i love her little out of focus hand there. it really changes what i think her expression is. what a cutie.

  6. That little hand is great.

    Props to Christin who sent this to me while giving birth to little baby Hazel! I mean you gotta take your mind off the pain somehow! am I right, ladies? or am I right!


  7. wow, couldn’t be cuter! nice job catching her during a still moment!

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