Ben Smith : Orange!


I shot it with a Sony A200 with the 50mm macro lens again.  Aperture f/2.8, 1″ exposure.  I made some color, contrast, and exposure adjustments in iPhoto.


~ by theassignment on May 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “Ben Smith : Orange!”

  1. goldfish who won’t hold still?

  2. I was playing around with an orange piece of paper and this capiz shell chandelier that we have. I thought it might look neat all blurry, so I swung the chandelier and held the paper in my hand. Shot towards the window which explains the bright spot at the bottom.

  3. wow, this could be a painting. (and that’s a compliment.) Shooting abstract on purpose and have it come out as lovely as this is not an easy feat.

  4. I love this shot, especially now that I know more about the execution of it. This could be a painting. the softness is great and really like how the orange and purplish color divide the canvas diagonally. great complimenting colors

  5. jinx!

  6. I love it too. I think it helped that Ben’s favorite color is orange.

  7. Great soft shot. Nice execution as well. I like your description of the technique.

  8. it’s really beautiful! it’s so soft but so saturated as well!

    it really would look cool as a piece of art!…

    on my wall…can i have this? thanks!

  9. Thanks Elizabeth. Just email me at and I can send you the image.

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