Seth Hall : Orange!


Toy Trooper

This was taken out back at the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis,
North Carolina.  The landing was a success.

iPhone 3G Camera
Color Splash App
Auto Contrast in Picasa


~ by theassignment on May 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “Seth Hall : Orange!”

  1. cool shot. i thought that was a real parachute at first. the scale of the tree next to the toy soldier is nice. i like the cropping too. how many time did you have to throw that up to get this shot? nice concept.

    • This was one shot. I had the idea, my nephew threw it off the deck. I aimed and shot. Then used Color Splash to make it B&W and to highlight the parachute.

  2. ditto on the real vs. toy. although i sort of wish that tree wasn’t there. the horizon and clouds do a great job of leading you to the parachute, but *bump* you hit that tree first. maybe you realized that too. the color splash does a good job making sure the solider is seen : )

    • Yeah, I noticed the whole tree thing. This was a one chance shot and I decided the tree would have to be ok. Good point on the horizon and clouds leading to the parachute. I will put that in my bag of tricks to use in another shot.

  3. yeah, go tear that tree down. who needs ’em?
    this is a nice trompe l’oiel. it’s still messing with me as i type….

  4. Um, does your iPhone have a better camera than mine? Fun shot.

  5. Nicely done; that tree’s gonna grab him!

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