Bliss Alexander-Smith : Orange!


Art to wear:
First I must give props to the designer of this garment, Adrienne L. McKenzie. This was from the Art to Wear fashion show at NCSU. Her collection is called, “Rapture, A Masquerade”.
This was shot with my cool pix s52. Set to “party mode” (woo!) which is muli-flash and long exposure. Retouched in photoshop with levels (to darken background) and color balance (to take some yellow out of the lights).


~ by theassignment on April 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Bliss Alexander-Smith : Orange!”

  1. Nice composition with the line of lights. I also like how it’s all very dark except for the super-bright dress. Good photo.

  2. sarahrice approves this photo. i basically love everything about this photo: the main subject, the details. it has really great composition. i love the faces of the spectators on the other side of the runway and how they are orange too.

  3. great composition. the line of lights, the line of red seats, the line of faces all intersecting on the model. the model seems to be having a good time and the smiles on the faces really make this a playful fashion shot. (instead of those sad face, very serious cause i’m in fashion type shots)

  4. thanks all! i liked this model shot a lot too because she didn’t seem pained to be there. : )
    see my runner up orange shot here:
    and other tries here:

  5. composition. it’s already been said, but very nice! everything (lights, seats, people, lead you to the main subject…in case the bright orange dress doesn’t capture your attention).

  6. Love it. Nicely done Bliss; great use of space. That line of lights is sweet!

  7. I love it Bliss! I love the shadows on her dress, amazing.

  8. it’s pretty magical!

    i love it, i feel like it’s a piece of history or something!

    it’s really cool the expressions that are caught!

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