Josh Steadman : Orange!


Technical stuff:
ISO 320
shutter: 1/6s
lens: 50mm

I liked this image kind of crunchy and over-processed looking. I added a little bit of film grain, which seemed to help things.
Slowing the shutter down that much meant I needed to mount the camera, and do a remote shutter release; plus I wanted to look down at the hand, so I ended up clamping to a step-ladder.

Originally, this was supposed to be a really artificial-looking still life, just a record player with some records and the oranges lined up to the side. But I took a test shot and wanted the fake elements (the oranges) to be more over-the-top, so I thought I’d see if the LP would play with the citrus, and it did. In motion, this shot is a lot more interesting. Below is my test shot that was more straight-ahead…



~ by theassignment on April 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Josh Steadman : Orange!”

  1. I love the vintage feel of this. The colors, the old record player, the vinyl. Also the blue on the player is a nice compliment to the oranges. I also think you did a good job on the dutch. you know i lik-a-dee dutch. I like your test shot too, nice and simple editorial look, but agree the final is a little more dynamic.

    And the oranges on the turn-table was a nice touch.

  2. the cropping is great too.

  3. yes, crazy angle. which totally works with the movement. the hand going off frame seems to anchoring it all but the damn crazy oranges cannot be contained!

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