Charles Harris : Orange!


Oddly, after what seemed a difficult topic, I was beset with orange opportunity. However, I was sadly armed only with the iPhone to take advantage. A decent little selection of alternates can be seen at These are all from 3 occasions… some art walk in downtown Knoxville, Wilco, and the MS walk in Raleigh. Wilco shot on Canon Mark III, the rest were shot with the iPhone. Tonal control Lightroom>Photoshop.


~ by theassignment on April 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Charles Harris : Orange!”

  1. I love your shadow in this one and the vibrancy of the chalk. I think you chose the right picture. That said, my other fave was the stage/crowd shot from Wilco. I love the contrast of orange lighting with that blue ceiling.

  2. The shadow is a great touch. It’s crisp and clear and a very quick read on the iphone. It also has a good placement within the shot, nestled there in between the black wave and outside frame. The orange wave leads you right to it. Could be their next ad campaign. And the Wilco shots, as always, are incredible.

  3. Nice composition. And I do love that shadow. Very confident and deliberate shot.

  4. Proof that it’s not the quality of the camera that makes an engaging image!

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