Martha Metzler : Self-portrait


I just used my Sony Cyber Shot, shot it using the sun as the back light and used my flash. Messed with the color composition a little bit in the tree. No other photoshopping. This is fun!


~ by theassignment on April 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Martha Metzler : Self-portrait”

  1. love all the color in this shot! Spring has arrived! back light and fill flash really work well i this shot. makes me want to buy a convertible for some reason…

  2. martha, i can see STRAIGHT up your nose. you’re all clear!
    but seriously, i like how this is framed. nice.

  3. the color is great. nice balance between the fill light and the back light. I like how everything points toward the pink in the trees. I can see you riding down the street on your bike and taking this shot. cool fresh look.

  4. I really love the light in this picture! Even more intriguing is it’s title….Martha, what are cake balls?

  5. what a beauty. and you’re not bad either. I love the angles of the tree mimicking the angles of your jaw and chin. you are one with nature.

  6. Nice use of the flash as fill. And some great foliage behind. Bonita!

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