Geoff Wood : Self-portrait


Shot this with a Canon 5D / 50mm 1.2 L / 1/6s @ f2.2

Just used the ambient track lighting in my office. No real color correction just some little adjustmens in the RAW converter.


~ by theassignment on April 20, 2009.

12 Responses to “Geoff Wood : Self-portrait”

  1. It’s orange.

    You could use it again next week.

  2. Neat. Where are you? I hope you didn’t get stuck in there for too long!

  3. I love the colors. It reminds me of a graphic poster from the 60’s. but I do wonder what you are doing? 🙂

  4. i can’t figure it out…are you in a slide in your office? or did you whip the camera around really fast, or did you wrap yourself in textured paper?

    whatever, it’s cool! …of course.

    but i want to know what it is….

  5. It was the dark of night, it was the worst of times it was the blurst of times! I felt this cold chill run through me then suddenly……

    It’s big sheet of Kerdi Ditra, a laminate that goes underneath your tile floor. I have a bunch of construction crap laying around and I just’s already overtaken my house why not let it have it’s way with me.

  6. i hope it’s okay for that stuff to touch your skin. i feel itchy.

  7. oooh. geoff gets eaten by a flower. i like it!

  8. Love that color. Is the next shot in the series you being rolled down a hill in this stuff? Seriously, nice curves.

  9. it looks as though you are wrapped up in some sort of digital/keyboard blanket or something. and no, i’m not high right now. but i think you may have been when you took it! very cool light effect and coloration. and the soft curves make it really inviting. although i’d never want to get in there with you. it’s just a dude thing.

  10. totally original. love the soft focus and composition. makes me wonder…a lot of things…like, “is this what Gibson has to deal with on a daily basis?”

  11. …and the “orange” assignment is for next week. keep it straight buddy.

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