Chris Boyette : Self-portrait


Panasonic Lumix 10 mp. w/ a Leica lens. There was a little bit of color balancing and vignetting done in photoshop.


~ by theassignment on April 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “Chris Boyette : Self-portrait”

  1. great shot. I love the color palette. kind of 70’s-ish. but…kind of stalker-ish as well. matter of fact this is down right creepy!

    just kidding! very creative, good concept. it’s like you’ve become a part of the house, you’re now a piece of artwork in your own home. or…you’re the ghost that keeps coming back and watching over the new family in the home.

  2. whoa! that guy is hot! …but he is a creeper, i see him lurking around the house alot!…

    great shot! I love the faded quality…such a witty and creative concept! Love it! …i only wish I had thought of it first! 😉

  3. one thing that is really cool about this – you are pretty much in perspective with the frame and other elements. i think it’s the way your left shoulder is a little higher. coincidence or brilliance?

  4. I really like this one. Color, composition, and concept are terrific.

  5. heh. clever.

  6. a still life of a self portrait. lovely.
    i really like the concept! almost as much as i like those carrots!

  7. I totally thought you were in a mirror. great composition and originality. well done buddy.

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