Amy Jones : Self-Portrait


Top Image: After / Bottom Image: Before

This was TTV: bottom camera is a Voigtlander Brillant V6, top is a d40 with kit lens (18-55 nikkor). hmmm. I was changing the aperture alot as I went but I want to say it was something around f/5.3. No idea on the shutter speed, it was on auto. ISO 400.

I moved the color balance a little yellow-heavy (this is almost always my first step when shooting through the voigtlander), then duplicated the layer, and on the top layer used the preset cross-process curves, played with the red curve a bit, changed the transparency to multiply, & set opacity around 20%.


~ by theassignment on April 15, 2009.

8 Responses to “Amy Jones : Self-Portrait”

  1. other attempts:

  2. Great shot, Amy! Definitely like that you pushed the yellows. It kind of give it a holga look, which I love. Also the flower fills in that top right area real nice like. Good composition.

  3. really gorgeous photo. and ditto on the that flower. seems as though it was placed there after the fact. too perfect. : )

  4. i love the gold tones as well…looks so vintage! And the angle is really cool too.

  5. Very clever. Very cool.

  6. i really like the colors going on and that flower is too good to be true.

  7. thanks friends! isn’t this fun.

  8. I feel like it should be the cover of an album. I love it, very peaceful.

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