Charles Harris : Self-portrait


This shot represents how I spend way too much time, staring and endless photos on my monitors. Occasionally, they offer a good look at myself. So, this is a shot of me looking at a pair of pics of me looking at a pic of me looking at a pic of me. Or something. Technobabble is as follows..

Canon 1Ds Mark III
no lens – actually a lens cap with a pinhole
15 second exposure
ISO 1600
window light

minor Lightroom > Photoshop treatment for color, tone, and contrast


~ by theassignment on April 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Charles Harris : Self-portrait”

  1. There is some really cool depth here. Especially in the monitors as you move left to right. Are there 4 shots here? Either way, all that time at the computer paid off. Cool shot! You should think about doing this full time. Trust me…just think about it.

  2. spending entirely too much time trying to figure out how this was done…must get back to work.

  3. i think i just figured you out….very clever.

  4. i didn’t spend any time trying to figure it out, because i have no idea.

    …but it’s really really cool! “mind-bottling.”

    the color reminds me of 80’s/90’s. It looks like a scene out of The Net or max headroom.

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