Ben Smith : Self-Portrait


I took my photo with a Sony A200 using a macro lens. The aperture was wide open, f2.6 I think.  No alterations were made to the photo.


~ by theassignment on April 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Ben Smith : Self-Portrait”

  1. There’s something very simple but yet intriguing about this shot. soft light, natural light is great. i like the cropping right at the lip. and i can see the window in your right eye, very cool!

  2. yes, great lighting. the crop makes me think of the eye doctor, when you have to put your head in the glaucoma test machine – in a sense, it seems like a serious yet vulnerable pose. and i like it.

  3. the lighting is fantastic and the light in your eyes is really nice (which sounds like i’m hitting on you, i know…. )
    overall: great photo.

  4. i love the light vs. shadow on your face, which like Sarah’s comment, also sounds like you are being hit on and/or written a song about…
    cool pic!

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