Thad Aman : Self-portrait


Shot on a Canon 20D  / 35mm 1.4 L / Color retouch in Photoshop CS3.


~ by theassignment on April 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Thad Aman : Self-portrait”

  1. I love this! One great thing about it is that when I first came to the page my window was only tall enough to see the background and the top hat. So I scrolled. And scrolled. And scrolled. Only to get a lovely little surprise peeking at me from the bottom.

  2. witty. i also only saw the hats and was like “whoa, eyes…”

    love the color, very vintage feel.

    i also appreciate the white space at the top and that you didn’t crop it.

  3. well, i know where to go if i need a hat.

    i love the composition and concept. it’s very you. and it’s cool how your expression and the brim of the first hat (on your head) seems to be a firm foundation for the others. and i really like the pop of white in the middle to break up the darker tones.

  4. I agree with everything. great composition. everything seems to be in it’s perfect place. the backdrop is nice and simple which really brings the concept to the forefront. anything else would have complicated it.

  5. I too love this & envy your concepting ability! Would be fun to see one where the hats begin falling.

  6. i like how this is both minimal and busy with the hats.

  7. I agree, great concept. And sweet collection of hats.

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