Bliss Alexander-Smith : Self-portrait


Bliss Alexander-Smith

My camera is a nikkon cool pix s52.
It was on shooting mode (as in not a specialty “scene” mode).
I always change up the white balance depending on environment and this photo was taken with white balance set to “day light”.

I cloned out a zit on my forehead, but other than no other alterations were done.

Here’s my end all be all trick though; I take lots and lots of pictures, so one is bound to come out decent. 😉 this one was 1 of 29. You can see the runner ups on flickr.


~ by theassignment on April 6, 2009.

10 Responses to “Bliss Alexander-Smith : Self-portrait”

  1. Very spring-like, especially nice to see on a cold windy day!

  2. love the composition! very nice.

  3. I don’t have any intelligent constructive criticism, I like the shot & yummy sunlighting alot, and although this is the first photo to post I feel confident in giving you this superlative: Most Photogenic Hair.

  4. I love the way your hair is splayed out across the grass.

  5. i like the colors against each other- the green grass and aqua blue shirt!

  6. Are you looking off-cam at a person, place or thing? Or maybe you’re just looking at that hair. Either way, it’s a good since I want to know more.

  7. thanks everyone! it was a good hair day, if i do say so myself. and josh, yes, i was looking at thurston who was very patient while i wallowed around in the grass after we had flown a kite.

  8. i really like how your hair works as a part of the backdrop.

  9. you have mermaid hair.
    i really like blues and how your hair works as a backdrop too.

  10. Good composition, neat color.

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